Holly jolly bonus

Christmas or the end of the year in general is usually one of the most important weeks for online casinos. Hence why they invest big and often offer a different bonus every day. And we’re then not only talking about extra funds on your account to wager or free spins. No, around those times, online casinos can get pretty generous. With all kinds of games and drawings you can end up with not only a nice casino bonus, but with a nice Christmas gift or even an exclusive trip! Here below are some examples of the best bonuses that have been offered already around this festive season. Just to show you it’s worth keeping an eye out!

  • Christmas prize pot

With every wager, the Christmas prize pot will increase. You can see a calculator in real time that constantly increases. Sometimes picking the winner is left up to chance. But sometimes they will try to entice you to play more, so you’ll collect your points. The more points you collect, the more chances to win the big pot at Christmas! Don’t get too carried away though!

  • Christmas drawing

Difference here is that the pot is already filled and ready to be handed out. Some casinos hand out astronomical amounts this way going up to drawings of £500 000. This can only be one drawing or be split up into several ones. For example a drawing of £100 000 every day in the last five days up till Christmas.

  • Christmas gifts

A system that is often used as well is handing out Christmas gifts with every deposit you make. This is usually not limited to the week of Christmas alone, but spread out over the whole month of December. And of course, the higher the deposit, the more exclusive the gift will be that Santa will drop off for you.