Gambling Addiction; a Real, Common Problem for Many

When you are a(n) (ir)regular player of online casino games, it might sound as the biggest cliché. But you need to be seriously aware of the risks involved as it can become a slippery slope that can easily spin out of control. Occasionally you read about a gambling addiction that has turned out ugly. People who have lost all their money or processions, their house, their family or even people that due to the crimes they have committed to be able to fund their addiction ended up in jail.

In a way a gambling addiction is not that different from any other addiction. It can create the same physical craving that an alcohol or drugs addiction can create. The principle is the same: you get addicted to the feeling that it gives you. You can get addicted to the high a drug can give you or the unrestricted feeling one too many pints can give you. With gambling you can get addicted to the thrill, the adrenaline rush that goes through your body with every spin, with every bet. The biggest danger in that is that most people will not realise they have a problem until it is too late. They will also try and hide the truth from getting out for as long as they can. And the way to admitting there is a problem can be a very long one for a partner or a child of someone trying to hide his/her addiction.

If you doubt that you have a gambling problem, there are self assessment tools that can help you answer that question.

When you feel you are losing control of your own situation, there are ways to get you back on track: exclude yourself from websites and mailing lists, block software and your finances.

Be aware of your gambling behavior and prevent yourself from ending up in a situation that could have been avoided.